The Sailor’s Route – A Suffolk Walk

Among the best Suffolk walks you can take is over the Sailor’s Trail, a six mile soft leg-stretcher which wends its way throughout the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area Of Outstanding all-natural Beauty.

History of the sailor’s route

There are amazing Suffolk walks. The background of Suffolk is shaped by the ocean, and, like its name implies the Sailor’s Course is among those Suffolk walks trod by the briny boots of those seamen who used to ply their trade across this region of the shore. Legend has it that if their ships got stuck at the Snape Maltings mud at low tide, the sailors would need to leave their craft and return to their Aldeburgh houses on foot.

It was the sea honest mariners which were called from the sea. Smugglers and wreckers prowled the shore, along with the natives risked being assaulted by any smugglers lurking across the road, ready to assail anybody who found them. Fortunately you won’t have to deal with the exact same threat; the sole threat now’s walkers face is going to be a place of rain or possibly a stray golf club or twice as you walk beyond Aldeburgh golf program.

The Sailor’s Trail follows the winding course of the River Alde, among the most gorgeous estuaries in the west shore.


When you get to the main street, follow the footpath to the right and you will quickly end up in the center of the town.

Many Suffolk walks direct to a different, and in the event you would like to press a bit farther you can cross the street outside of the Aldeburgh Golf Club entry and, following the initial homes, turn left on Golf Lane, a metalled track. Then you’ll mix two fairways maintain a ear out for any shouts of’fore’!

Cross the street, after departing the golf course and follow along the trail. Turn perfect and left. Are perspectives of landmarks Thorpeness Gatehouse, Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, and The House in the Clouds.

Ultimately, cross the street and head to the shore, before turning onto the metalled route that will return to Aldeburgh for some well made chips and fish.

After a long walk like this, it may be a good idea to find some accommodation, such as one of the truly special holiday cottages in Suffolk that take dogs for a good nights sleep for both you and your dog!