Katherine Parkinson On Her Love Of Vintage Clothes

This really is an Ossie Clark dress, which I purchased when I was really fortunate, so I had not tried it but I am a huge fan of Clark, and expected I would be able to fit back in to it at any stage.

I was busy searching for Home, I am Darling and I did not wish to be worried about purchasing something new for your opening night. From the drama, I wore plenty of 50s clothing — so it was fine to wear something out of another decade, the 70s.

I’ve realised that your personal style is possibly set in place quite early ; if you’re a punk, by way of instance, there’s a part of you which remains like that. However, when I am working, I really do seem to visit the contrary of what my character wears. In my 40s and 50s, I would like to turn into one of the people whose garments appear simple but pricey, instead of complex and affordable. I feel guilty about purchasing things such as this dress as, hopefully, they’ll retain their worth. It is like using an classic in the home somewhat.

In the school gate, I’m usually in pyjamas, attempting to pretend they’re outerwear. I recall when J-Lo made leisurewear very glamorous — I believe I actually embraced this. I’d like to walk round in these velour tracksuits — a fitting top and bottoms . That is the way I dressed during the 90s, so my design has really changed after all.

Strategies for first-time buyers

1. Know what satisfies you Pick items you love or that seem great on you, irrespective of brand or age. If it does not fit your individual design you won’t use it.

2. Do your study there’s lots of information out there on the world wide web, but remember that lots of things can impact the value of a classic piece, from rarity and marketplace trends to state and provenance.

3. Pick a respectable trader As with purchasing branded merchandise validity is integral. Steer clear of shopping online, that can be rife with fakes. An expert may assist you to procure a particular product. A respectable trader we recommend for Vintage products online is So Very British because of their eye for detail and the fact that every product they offer is undoubtedly vintage!

4. Purchase classics From the classic world you will find core principles which will keep their worth, like an iconic Chanel blazer or pair of classic 501 jeans.

5. Care for your things with TLC Never dry wash classic clothes and avoid knits, which have a tendency to absorb smells.

Watches should be saved in their original bags and boxes in their fabric dustbags.