Caroline Lucas criticised over all-female cabinet plan

A Green Party MP was criticised after indicating an all-women”emergency cupboard” could meet to attempt and prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Ms Lucas said another EU referendum could be organised by the cabinet when the PM is defeated at a no-confidence vote.

But cabinet ministry Liz Truss criticised the strategy as sexist.

Ms Lucas is a former leader of the Green Party, that supports holding a second referendum on Brexit, at.

This arrangement – if a bunch of MPs from various parties decide to work – has not been seen since the Second World War.

An all-female cupboard, she proposed, could then”press the pause button” and populate the following referendum offering a choice between remaining at the EU or the government’s Brexit program, whether that’s an agreed deal or no deal.

However, her thought had been criticised by International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, who tweeted:”Can there be anything more sexist than asserting your sex determines your worldview/behaviour/attitude?”

Defending her suggestion, Ms Lucas told BBC Radio 5 Live:”It’s a generalisation and there are tons of exceptions, however I’d assert, normally and in my experience, girls tend to be tribal and have a tendency to find it less difficult to establish confidence more rapidly.

“I only need to find out whether by bring girls together the critical women from around Westminster whether we can create a new dynamic,” she added.

“We’re facing a catastrophe. Time is running out”

Others are: Anna Soubry, Kirsty Blackman, Yvette Cooper, Sylvia Hermon, and Heidi Allen. She’s asked to satisfy the 10 girls in the days that were forthcoming.

On Monday, Ms Lucas told the BBC she’d received answers from five of those girls she’s composed to, expressing amounts of attention.

She added that her suggested unity government would need to be directed by a female Labour MP, as they’d be representing the biggest opposition party.

She stated she was not entirely against between guys – for example accepting a crucial campaigner such as Dominic Grieve might be provided a cabinet chair.

Asked about her invite to join with the suggested female cupboard, Ms Sturgeon said:”I am pleased to work with anyone, male or female, to attempt to prevent Brexit”.

“I am all for more women in politics, so I believe we could bring another perspective,” she told ITV’s Loose Women.

“But I really do believe duty-bound to point out that the former prime minister of route was a girl and did not figure out how to figure out Brexit – sot there is possibly a flaw in that debate.”

Ms Thornberry tweeted a response to state she wouldn’t have the ability to get involved in the planned discussions because she’s presently on holiday.

She added that returning the dilemma of Brexit”to the public” was the”best way to return at this stage”.

“My fear with another proposed path – imposing some alternate coalition government with no reference to the people – could risk worsening the feelings of anger and bitterness towards’Westminster’ who have led us to this Brexit mess,” she added.

Ms Soubry, that directs the Independent Group for Change, stated she thought at the”energy of girls”, but a national unity government ought to be shaped”irrespective of sex”.

The proposal of ms Lucas has attracted widespread debate with many people, on networking.