Caring For Your Cashmere Cardigans

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Cashmere Cardigans and bombers – comfy and incredibly warm — and the luxurious your wardrobe deserves. It looks great anyplace also and anywhere, from Sunday lunch with your family to an evening on the couch at home. Cashmere’s got you covered If you want something special.

Maintaining your cashmere lovely does need a little bit of love but trust us, it is so well worth it. Prove your cashmere precisely how much you adore it by following this easy guide about the best way best to keep it looking its best for many years to come…


Routine hand washing will maintain your new knits clean and comfy (either in cool water or dry cleaned). Because detergents contain enzymes which are good for fibers Utilize a detergent acceptable for silk and wool. Always hand wash in hot water and gently squeeze out the excess moisture (never wring out since this can get the cashmere to misshape).


To maintain your knit looking its finest, while moist, reshape, lie it flat and let it dry. We propose popping it between two towels to loosen up any extra moisture. Be certain that you do not hang out with your cashmere.


Utilize our pilling comb that is complementary to present your cashmere a brush between washes to eliminate any fibers and keep it looking as good as fresh. Stroke it, comb it, wear it… maintain It joyfully.


To keep those pesky away moths that adore cashmere store on your drawer, as you with rosemary or lavender totes. Through summer, keep your cashmere off in an airtight container with a few mothballs inside. Whenever you are sporting your cashmere frequently, or in the winter, pop it away into a bag that is breathable. Should you suspect moths happen to be in your jumper, pop it in the freezer to kill some bugs (this may sound a little mad but trust us with this!).